Fall Fair and Rockhopper!

5 09 2009

Hey guys the Fall Fair is here better than ever!
First of all, there is a prize booth for non-member and members and a prizebooth for members only:

Here is the non-members pirze booth:

Non Member Prizes

Here is the members prize booth:

Non Member Prizes

And if you are a member, you can go to the Great Puffle Circus:

Puffle Circus Entrance

Great Puffle Circus Inside

Rockhopper is here with his items! 😀

Rockhoppers Items

If you find him you can get his autograph/gift/background!

Rockhopper And Me



Sports Catalog and New Pin!

30 08 2009

The sports catalog is out, but sadly there are no cheats. 😦

Anyways, the new pin is at the cove:
New Pin At Cove


Sneak Peek of New Sports Catalog

25 08 2009

Here is a sneak peak of the new sports catalog:

Sneak Peek of New Sports Catalog!!!

Sneak Peek of New Sports Catalog!!!


New Igloo Catalog/New Stage

21 08 2009

There is a new igloo catalog! Here are the cheats!

And here is what the new stage looks like:

New Stage

Go check it out!


Reviewed By You

21 08 2009

Club penguin has posted another reviewed by you posts!
Check it out here!


Festival of Flight Extended!

19 08 2009

The party has been extended two more days…so it will end the 20th!!!


New Site Translator

16 08 2009

There is now a translator for the site! Look on the side! Now if you click a language, it will translate the site to the language you picked! That’s all for now! Bye!